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Fjord Cruise / Whale Watching & Fishing Tromsø

Tromsø Angling & Whale Watching Adventures 

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Fishing Tromso

Probably the Best Waters in the World to Catch the Fish of Your Life! We are Blessed with a Huge Amount of Monster Cod, Halibut, Coalfish, and Many More...

Fjord Cruise

Fjord Cruise Tromso

Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy the Spectacular Views including Huge mountains, Sea Eagles, Numerous Sea Birds, Otters, Midnight Sun, Northern Lights...

Whale Watching

Whale Watching Tromso

Breath Taking Experiences seeing the Great Humpback, Orca and other Magnificent Cetaceans in their Natural Habitat!

Tromso Fishing - Tromso Fjord Cruise - Tromso Whale Watching

 "One of the best vacation days ever, signed up for fishing but had orca watching thrown in. Chas maneuvered the boat instinctively to get the boat where he think the orcas would surface next, and he was correct 90 percent of the time. Master of the sea, fishing and whale watching!"   

Yvette, Facebook Review

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Fishing Tromso - Fjord Cruise Tromso - Whale Watching Tromso

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Fishing Tromso - Fjord Cruise Tromso - Whale Watching Tromso

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Fishing Tromsø - Fjord Cruise Tromsø - Whale Watching Tromsø